What is a Backlink and How To Get Them ?

What is a Backlink and How To Get Them?

What is a Backlink

good Sunday evening my name is Tips4free owner founder of nerds WorldCom I shouldn't be at work but I'm at work I'm addicted and I know a lot of you have been waiting for this video for a long time probably the most an anticipated topic that I haven't yet talked to over the whole lifespan of my Tips4free today we're gonna talk about backlinks and give you my secret inside tips on how I get good quality backlinks and let's just jump into this Chris what the is a backlinklet's pretended for a moment you know nothing about SEO and or everything that you do know about SEO is completely wrong if you want your website to rank on the worldwide web think about this as a popularity contest the more popular your website is the more likely in the easier to point to be to rank for specific words when users visit Google enter in a keyword what we know as a keyword you want to be found backlinks are anytime a website other than your own is linking to you if it' in the media where it's a.

gov or dot link that's even more important and it will generate greater increases in rankings so keep that in mind before I get any further I know some people that watch my video is not subscribers a little pat on the back for myself I currently ranked number one for anything related to web development in Torontowe're also number one for SEO Toronto which is a very competitive word you know search logo designs we're on a web development run wherever you are in the world and see my ranking this brings a little bit of credibility into what I'm about to talk to you about I have three locations right now in Toronto and I've been in the business and studying SEO myself for 16 years so say no more enough preaching about myself let's just talk about we pull up the yellow book and talk about the ways that I generate good quality backlinks number one is online business directories so I simply visit Google for example for myself and type in web development directories orI'll pick a specific little region I'min maybe a BIA and I'll target them and I'll contact them and I'll submit my business to their directories now there are a lot of free directories out their yellow pages, Yelp, etc free free free and the reason being when you submit to these directories they're gonna contact you they're gonna give you their sales pitch to make your website right back tome and I'm gonna call you the one-time offer and only $29.

99 what is on your website increase your sales per day I am and how much better it's gonna be if you pay them a monthly fee and I'm gonna say no hold your ground we're not talking about paid backlinks we're talking about free backlinks so just say no say you're happy with the free backlink and get as many as you can there are thousands of directories out there and those are wonderful easy freeways to get backlinks number two social media I'm certainly, most of you have social media if you're watching this video so whenever there's an opportunity to add your www in the profile easy easy backlink now keep in mind like let's jump outside of your little world or your little box right now and understand that there are hundreds if not thousands of social media platforms that are free to use and not simply the big boys like InstagramTwitter and LinkedIn think outside the box so if you're doing SEO marketing for another business think outside the box for the number three is networking and personally reaching out to people that you believe that you can build with online build with I remember 15 16 years ago when.

 I was selling t-shirts online and I was looking to generate traffic I reached out to the youngest hip hop artists or the newcomers before they've reached that Fame but yet they're at a point where people are watching them and listen to them and I would ask hey I'll send you some shoes if you can add my banner for the next six months to your homepage and yes that would generate traffic but that would also generate that back lift that's also important when Google's ranking websites so next time you're at a networking event doesn't shove it down someone's throat don't call somebody that you haven't spoken to in three years but make me bring it up in conversation when there'ssomebody that you know that is in the similar industry as you that Wouldnt mind sharing backlinks number four commenting on blogs and I do not I repeat I do not I'm gonna repeat again Ido not want you to spam people's blogposts they dedicated a lot of hard work into creating original content the last thing

I want you to do is say check out my website but what I do want you to do is read the blog or watch the video leave a good positive comment or critique and somewhere in there when given an opportunity to enter a website into your domain there are two types of backlinks do and don't follow and I think they're both important most people will say predominantly go for the dofollow but we know it's more difficult to get that in our absolute overall goal is just to generate traffic to our website and not simply to add a notch toa board saying oh I got more backlinks check to check and what you'll find on a lot of these comment sections so

I allow you the opportunity to leave your domain recently I read an article and I'll leave a link below where one gentleman leaves 259 blog posts reviews or comments and it got him $25,000 now not everyone's gonna get $25,000 for leaving blog posts but it's just a little bit of evidence stating that it can bring you success and there's no harm in trying number 5 which is my absolute favorite is reverse-engineer success if you knew me personally not just on YouTubeif, you met with me and we hung out there are two things that I talked about entirely too much it's work ethic I'm probably gonna make you vomit how often say the two words work ethic and the other one is like reverse engineer success somebody taught me this year and years ago Chris it's easier to follow someone else's footsteps then try to create this path on your own I use a tool called SEMRushthere might be other tools out there available for you to use that are going to do the same thing I'm sure there are don't know any I don't want to give you a recommendation on anything I don'tknow I don't make a penny for recommending SEMRush there is a cost associated with using semrushSEMRush is what I've used for the last five-plus years I'm gonna set up my screen capture okay let's pretend I own a web development company in New YorkCity I'm going to type in New York City web development company okay their website looks decent let's pull all their stats let's be a spy in secretive and see what's gotten them to first place on Google so what I'm gonna do is I'm going to visit SEMRush SEMRushcomma leave a link in the description below right here at the top I'm gonna enter their domain and simply hit Search now it's gonna show me all kinds of wonderful numbers that I can do so much with but right now for the sake of this video keeping it short we're simply gonna look at the backlinks and see where they got backlinks sorry first things first they have a big number of backlinks 1840.

3 thousand that's a big number that's exciting there's a lot of room for me to build backlinks simply by reverse engineering their success so asI scroll down I can see the keywords let's not touch about on that forget about that ok backlink this section right here backlinks backlinksI want to Click on the full view full report ok here is the secret to success here's a list of a hundred and eighty-four thousand two hundred and eighty-eight backlinks so what I'm gonna do is simply go to each of these websites one by one seethe content and see how they got the backlink and why and then I'm gonna create content similar and submit to them to that whatever websites linked out to that Mike, I can presume they're gonna give me the opportunity if

I can create content equally as good or talk about content in a more descriptive way now it's not gonna be a hundred percent out of 100 percent you are gonna fail some people are gonna say no I'm not interested but this gives you a very clear outline on what has worked for others so for example if your you've been hired to do SEO for a hot dog company in New Jersey you want to find out their competitors theremin two or three competitors see how many backlinks they have and what type of backlinks and just start submitting your goal ultimately is to get more backlinks than the person that's currently in first and now it's not Cheerilee a number on who gets the most it's about quality is something that'soften overlooked in SEO and now going and buying 10,000 backlinks on Fiverr is not gonna get you to the top you know you have to do the legwork and backlinks let's get back into this next is number six this is probably the most manual idea that

I have and it's worked for me it's manually submitting your story tothe news and the press that being said you have to come up with a catchy bit of content in order to be press worthy soif you just opened a web developmentbusiness and you submit to all the local media news radio TV hey nerd open new web development company it's notexciting people are not going to pick up your story but if you put a twist to things for example, when we first opened up we dedicated a lot of time and this is how we got a lot of our backlinks through the news we would just constantly submit news articles about yourself to the media so the first step is we would just go and spend a couple of days online pulling up all the editors and publishers' email addresses.

if we put thisdatabase together literally an excelsheet of everybody that's in withinToronto and then we actually made itlarger into Canada and we came up withpress ideas or press type ideas nowyou're not going to get a response everytime and it really depends on the daythat you submit the article you know dothey have another story more importantare they looking for a story but what Iwould say is communicate with the mediaonce a month you don't want to beoverwhelming but if you have a clientthat's exciting and their story is funand their business is great and it's ona growth this is a this is a great wayto really wow your client or yourself bygetting press in the newspaper and on TVand such storage wars Canada I'm theperson that that authenticatesany camera equipment and gives aappraisal not because they reached outto me because

I used to watch some TVshow I reached up to them I said hey ifyou ever find a camera or somethingrelated to my business I'd be honored tobe a guest on your show so without mereaching out to them this never wouldhave happened I'm off to see my friendChris at his shop a nerds world he knowseverything there is to know aboutphotography that's why I'm gonna bringhim this thing that I foundbecause if there's anyone who could tellme about what it is is definitely ChrisI can't wait to get out with this guythis guy is totally adorable hey Chrishow are you doing I'm good and so on andso forth with many different TVinterviews that I've done most peopleenjoy taking a selfie posting.

 it andarchiving it in five seconds rather thanhaving a hard copy then you have to waitabout twenty-five seconds for okay one-two-three Hugh says those mere secondswaiting for an instant photo it's alwaysbeen me that reached out to them andremember when they publish it in theirnewspaper and they put a backlink totheir to my website that's a goodquality backlink this really gonna showme as an authority and help me get theranking I believe I deserve with Googlenow number seven is if you're a webdeveloper which a lot of you that watchmy page are this is the simplest out of all seven when you build a website for aclient that little credit that you putat the bottom of the page which you should be putting at the bottom of the page

 that links to your website that isa backlink okay so really put thoughtinto the words that you're using as the credit okay don't say wonderful website by a nerds world no wonderful is not really a great keyword use something like web development by a nerds world or website design by a nerds world because what you want to do is you want to link all the words that's called your anchortext you want to link all of it to yourwebsite now remember when you're puttingthis on a client's website don't go toobig and earlier they're gonnato remove it and always make sure you'reopening into a new window so because somebody hired you for a website you don't want them to lose a reader or avisitor to the website because you wantto promote your service you want to makesure that if somebody does click on itit's going to open into a new the window now lastly one of the biggest mistakes

 I seeand I see it so often is this you do notwant to link every back link to thehomepage of your website when I'mbuilding backlinks for myself or myclients I want to make sure that thebacklinks are linked to the actualservice pages so for me for example whenI link web development by a nerds worldin the bottom footer of a website that Ispent months on building I'll link itdirectly to my website design page notto the home page of my website get itI'm trying to eliminate click clickclick click this all about a usingexperience because if somebody clicks onthat what are they looking for they'relooking for my service of webdevelopment so why am

 I gonna send themhome now hopefully the weight was worthitthese are 7 simple ways don't let theword backlink scare you it's like peoplehave a hex back links are so hardbacklinks are so hard they're not thathard they're actually quite easy andyou'll find with time that you'll findin favorites certain ways that work bestfor youit's Sunday I want to get home and atthis video and upload it tonight watch anice scary horror movie with my wifethat's what we normally do on a Sunday Ihope everyone's having a wonderfulweekend we'll talk again soon goodbye[Music]number one is online directory wherethey leave you an opportunity to okay soI think in this digital era of nonminute anonymity how do you say thattristan anonymity and anonymously noanonymity okaygrow with and share backlinks I've doneit yeah my goodness what I would what Iwould recommend this be apart I don'tknow what I'm saying[Music]number four is to comment on okay numberfour is to

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